5 Reasons to Use a Home Stager When Selling in Brentwood or Franklin

Are you planning to sell a home in Franklin or Brentwood, Tennessee? If so, you’d be wise to stage it before letting buyers inside. Statistics show that home staging results in faster sales and higher sale prices. As a seller, that’s exactly what you want. Here are five good reasons to use a home stager when selling a house in Brentwood or Franklin.

1. Staged homes sell for more money.

This is arguably the biggest benefit for you, as the seller. You could end up with more money in your pocket. Statistically, properly staged homes sell for 17% more than houses that have not been. And when you consider the cost of homes in Franklin and Brentwood, 17% is nothing to sneeze at. When you stage your home effectively, you are highlighting its positive features. You’re making it more appealing to a higher percentage of buyers. This aesthetic value often translates into real value, when it comes time to negotiate a sale price.

2. Home staging can help you sell faster.

Let’s face it, selling a home can be a real hassle for homeowners. You have to tidy up constantly and clear out whenever an agent calls. It’s like trying to live inside a model home. You want it to be over and done with — fast. That’s where staging comes into the picture. Statistics show that staged homes sell faster than those that haven’t been staged. In fact, 95% of ASP® Staged Homes sell on an average of 11 days or less. Non-staged homes, on the other hand, stay on the market for 90 days on average.

3. You’ll get a head start on packing and moving.

De-cluttering is a big part of the staging process. It can make your home appear more spacious and usable, which increases the chance of a quick sale. But there are other benefits as well. De-cluttering can give you a big head start on the packing and moving process. Pack up everything you don’t need — knickknacks, seasonal clothing, personal photos, and other “stuff” — and then leave it packed in a garage or storage unit. You’ll have an easier time selling your home, and an easier time moving as well.

4. Staging helps you meet “high-end” expectations.

Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee are fairly high-end real estate markets. The average home price in Williamson County is well above the state average. As a result, local buyers have certain expectations when they view homes for sale in this area. They expect “wow” — not “blah.” Home staging helps you meet the expectations of discriminating buyers.

5. It forces you to think like a buyer, and that’s a good thing.

Home staging helps sellers think like buyers, and this can be beneficial in several ways. To stage a house effectively, you have to come at it from a buyer’s perspective. What would make people more inclined to purchase your home, as opposed to others for sale in the area? Does it have a better flow? A fresher paint job? Prettier landscaping? A nice little reading area set aside in the family room? You have to put on your “buyer’s hat” to stage a house properly, and that can be useful later on when it comes time to negotiate a price. In short, home staging helps you distance yourself from the house so you can view it more objectively.

We can help: We offer professional home staging services for homeowners in Franklin and Brentwood. We know what buyers expect when looking at properties, and how to deliver it with effective staging techniques. The end result could be a faster sale for more money. Please contact us if you have any questions about staging or selling your home.

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